Solar Panels Optimization using MPPT Controllers

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Figure 1. Scheme of a Solar Generation System [2]


Solar Panels: context

The generation of electric power from renewable energies is the new boom in the world market. There are different types of clean energies from natural sources such as the sun, winds, tides, etc.

In particular, the energy from the sun has some advantage over other types of energy. It is theoretically feasible in almost all the terrestrial globe. Harvesting solar energy is possible now thanks to the photovoltaic cells.

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Hazardous environments for your electrical installation designs

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New article by a trained electrical engineer from Venezuela. Enjoy!

When dealing with electrical installations, you must be aware of some special scenarios that could come across, which require particular considerations in order to make a safe and reliable design for equipment and more important yet, for people’s lives.

These scenarios constitute restricted areas for most people, special places in which careful measures must be taken to enter in them, whether exists the possibility of explosion or fire due to a mixture of particular elements like a surge of energy, sparks or arcs produced by the flow of electrical energy.

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Electrical current: wear out potential in TS 110/35/10 kV

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Testimonial by Mile, an electrical engineer from Bitola. He’s already shared feedbacks of his electrical projects with us and it’s always a pleasure to read his writings. Let’s read about electrical current and the wear out phenomenon.

The phenomenon called wear out potential is caused by the current that flows when single-phase earth fault occurs.  The analysis of the current flowing during earth fault in the network, could be easily done with α, β, 0 components of the voltage and the current by using Laples’s transformation and complex amplitudes.

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Running a Three-phase electric motors on single-phase power

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Electric motors can be classified according to their number of supply phases. They can be categorized as single-phase, two-phase and three-phase.

Let’s read more information about these thanks to Udo’s new article that he kindly sent us few days ago.

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Solar Energy: A Look into the future

April 19th, 2019 | 1 Comment | Posted in Energy Efficiency - solar
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Solar energy spreads daily on the earth representing over 10,000 times more energy than the consumption per day in the whole planet, therefore it is logical that we try to use it to produce electricity and heat.

However, the intermittence of this type of generation is its main limitation, given that the radiation received depends on atmospheric conditions.

In order to achieve the desired expansion of the market, new technologies have been developed to increase productivity, efficiency and generate economies of scale that will considerably reduce costs.

This article will approach some technological advances that use ingenuity to expand the use of this energy, take it to new scenarios and improve its performance.

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