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New Terahertz Generator

May 27th, 2014 | Make a comment | Posted in Energy Efficiency - news
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What is a Terahertz wave?

Terahertz wave can be defined as waves, electromagnetic in nature with frequencies settled between 0.3 to 3 hertz. Tremendously high frequency waves, T-rays, T-waves are all names of the terahertz radiations.

The electromagnetic spectrum houses Terahertz waves in between infrared and microwaves. Owing to their special position in the spectrum, it seems quite clear and obvious that these waves possess dual properties.

Because of their similarity to infrared rays, terahertz waves travel in the line of sight whereas their similarity to microwaves is depicted by their strength to easily pass through various non-conducting substances.

Science has progressed to such a great extent that researchers and physicists have brought in to use the capacities of terahertz waves and are continually evaluating the prospective results obtained through them.

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Latest Energy Harvesting Systems that will replace Batteries

May 23rd, 2014 | Make a comment | Posted in Energy Efficiency - news
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For centuries energy harvesting is in use in different forms like watermills, windmills, solar power systems etc. with the passage of time technology has improved till reaching today’s modern age. This method is relatively slow as compared to battery-power consumptions but has some advantage for which they should be preferred.

Firstly, they have no undesirable pollution effects on environment. Secondly, the sources used are abundant and could be used unlimitedly.


Researchers have been searching alternate ways of energy production that are less expensive and compact and are harmless to the environment. These researches have made their way to the discovery of “energy harvesting” (EH).

Energy harvesting replaces the need for conventional power sources and wires or replacement batteries. Many products have been introduced, that instead of using electrical batteries, will use ambient energy and convert it into electrical power.

These devices can use electromagnetic, thermal, or mechanical energy, vibration, pressure, and flow of liquid as sources to generate electrical power. This electrical energy is stored in durable cells like capacitors or MEC and is used later.

The best use of EH is wireless devices and sensors that use battery power to operate.

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Cost Effective energy projects

March 24th, 2014 | Make a comment | Posted in Energy Efficiency - news
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Without energy i.e. fuel and power utilities, we cannot survive but the problem is that producing this energy costs a lot. For the past couple of years, this issue has received a great deal of attention from leaders, scientists, environmentalists and economists throughout the world.

Many engineers and innovators have been working on introducing methods of producing cheap and economical energy. In this regard, many efforts were quite fruitful.

Cost Effective Power Projects

Electricity production has always been costly and most of the production is done using carbon reserves of the world like oil and coal, which is ironic because these resources are not only non-renewable but are also very costly. So, as a remedy to this situation, cost effective and renewable energy sources like wind power, biomass (microbial) generators and solar panels are promoted throughout the world.

Wind Power Projects

Wind power projects are a great source of producing cheap energy. Wind turbines have been used for centuries for different purposes and nowadays, they serve as a means of harnessing wind energy into electrical energy.

The functioning of a wind turbine is very simple. When a wind of about 15 Km per hour is blowing, it causes the rotor to rotate which provides enough mechanical power to the generator in it to produce electricity.

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The output is also great and it is estimated that a 1.8 megawatt utility scale wind turbine can produce electrical energy of about 4700 Megawatt hour. Since, the wind turbines are installed in clusters or groups so an average farm of about one hundred turbines can provide power to a town of 100,000 houses.

Although, the installation cost of a wind farm seems large but it is still economical because you don’t have to worry about fuel costs and running expanses.


Energy efficiency and the ENERsip program

November 19th, 2013 | Make a comment | Posted in Energy Efficiency - news
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Energy efficiency and the ENERsip program 1

The impetus of technology has provided for the growth of consumer electronics. Much focus is being directed by countries to improve their state of electrical supplies and to make the process cost effective.

The term of ‘Smart Grid’ has become an oft repeated term in the electrical supply market. The focus of this approach is to bring closer an important stakeholder, the consumer. Centralized and decentralized power generation has become a common phenomenon now.

This has helped in two ways. Firstly, the competition has increased since people can choose from a number of providers, and secondly, in a bid to outdo their competition, providers are banking on latest technologies.


Water & Energy

June 4th, 2009 | 3 Comments | Posted in Energy Efficiency - news
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At the time of the World Water Forum  that just occurred in Istanbul, Turkey, it is interesting to remind how water and energy are linked.

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