Missed something? Here are December and January main subjects

The New Year has begun, so it’s time to review what has happened during those last months and in 2011 in our community. Best wishes for 2012!

TOP 3 : Blog articles of the year

Here are the 3 most popular articles published on the blog in 2011. We ranked them in terms of traffic (Number of visits) and also in terms of exchange quality (Number of comments).

Best electrical calculation review

This article is a comparison between 4 commonly used electrical calculation software. 8900 visits and 34 comments, the record both for visits and number of comments!
Based on this article and your feedbacks, we also have created a sharing page with restricted access for members who want to share their own calculation tools. Click the link to know more.

Panel builders are all cheaters?

This article is about motor starters wiring accessories, their interest to reduce wiring time for control panels, and why they seem to be still rarely used. 3600 visits and 21 comments.

High Voltage: circuit breaker is cheaper!

A comparison between HV fuses and circuit breakers solutions for transformers protection, along the life cycle of the installation. 2600 visits and 11 comments.

Some articles you may have missed

Here are 3 of the less popular articles published in 2011 that we believe you might have really missed : Nb of visits / article is less or around 1000 but their interest is more than you think …

An article related to the possible security issues with Smart Grid.

A theoretical article about control systems for industrial control and automatism: Servo-control of the current at the start of an electrical machine. Not so close to our usual topics, but a good lightweight subject to relax.

An article describing how the Elithis Tower (in Dijon, Côte d’Or, France), a ten-storey and 5000m² office building, operational for 2 years, has reached the goal of reducing as far as possible the overall energy consumption of the building (heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting). In fact, when you take into account its photovoltaic power production (560m² of panels on the roof) the building has, today, an overall consumption of 0kWh/m²/year for the previously mentioned usage!

Contribute to the forum!

Some members haven’t had answers to their forum topics, maybe you can help them to solve their issues?

Shridhar Awasthi wonders why we do not use APFC when taking supply from DG set.

Byaruhanga_Emma asks which are the practical applications involved /required to design an operational DC-AC inverter using a 12v dc lead-acid accumulator.

Malik2013 is seeking a link to find the National Electrical code 2011 and Moos has a question about DC high voltage test.

Jatin333 wonders about parameters for selection of induction motor.


Thank you for your help!

Focus on the Electrical engineering community in 2011


Our community has continued to grow and expand very fast in 2011:

406 000 visits and 985 000 page views!

We have published 25 articles on the Blog, from existing and new contributors.

The forum, started in April 2010, has been growing very fast this year with 563 topics and 2011 posts (just like the year ;-)
We have also initiated new ways to share information and knowledge among our community:

The Load Shedding Guide, which has been downloaded more than 2000 times.

The sharing page with restricted access, for members who are ready to share their own electrical calculations tools.

We thank you for your participation and contributions to this community, and are as usual fully open to receive your propositions of articles for the blog, suggestions of improvements, willingness to help by becoming a Moderator .


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