Best electrical calculation software review

Following discussions on the forum, you will find in this article the comparison I started to create between 4 electrical calculation software, used for the design and calculation of electrical installation, based on my own experience. I would be glad to get complementary information and opinions from other users of such electrical software.

The comparison presents the following electrical calculation software:

– XLpro² Calcul software from Legrand 1.3
– Simaris Design 5.0 from Siemens
– MyEcodial L 3.4 from Schneider Electric
– Caneco BT 5.3 from ALPI (software editor)

I believe my criteria are self-explanatory, but tell me if some are not and I will clarify.

please add your own opinions and complements in comments, such as:
• other criteria of importance for you
• other electrical calculation software you are using, and your evaluation on my criteria

In particular, I heard about DocWin which I do not know.

Based on your feedbacks, I will update my comparison and re-publish it


XLpro² Calcul 1.3.03 Simaris Design 5.0 MyEcodial L 3.4 Caneco BT 5.3
MV protection No Yes No No
// transfo Yes Yes Yes Yes
LV genset Yes (only on MLVS) Yes at any place in the network Yes (only on MLVS) Yes (only on MLVS)
Switchboard coupling No Yes No No
UPS Yes No No Yes
Operating mode No Yes No No
Power factor correction Yes No Yes Yes but no choice of the capacitor bank
Fuse Yes Yes Yes Yes
Motor starter No Yes Yes Yes
Protection diagram Yes Yes Yes (with curve setting) Yes
Standard compliance IEC 60364 IEC 60364 IEC 60364 IEC 60364
NF C15-100 NF C15-100 NF C15-100
User friendlyness Clear and single diagram user friendly Clear and single diagram user friendly Sometime confusing Too much information to set, confusing, single line diagram not easy to use
Report completion basic basic basic Very detailed
Export To XLpro² ?? To Rapsody Caneco Implant, Office Elec.
Switchgear database Legrand Siemens Schneider Electric Multi-manufacturer
Price Free Free Free ~ 1000 €


    • Could you tell us how Trace Elec compares to the other software presented ?
      Or the main reasons why you chose this software ?

  • Most major consulting engineers and electrical contractor licence PowerCad-5 in Australia.
    The manufactures data bases are updated as new products are released. The GE EntelliGuard ACB has just been added. The Legrand data based has been updated and waiting verification prior to release. The Terasaki data base has just been updated. PowerCad-5 supports AutoCAD 2011.

  • For my ecodial L software, its better if show implementation case by case and give the demos.. edition.for user !

  • I agree on the comparisson indicated above, but i tried DocWin, which almost cover all features mentioned except for switchboard coupling but rest of elements such that but not limited to, transformer sizing, cable sizing, busway sizing, short circuit calc., voltage drop calc, ups effect, motors,

  • Thanks for the great comparison of the best electrical calculation software. I think I’m going to try Simaris Design 5.0 after reading the above post. I will update you if this will work for me…

  • Dear Krishna Murthy/Srinivas muthy /Prakash,

    Let me know that voltage drop sofware is available in market, please suggest us with new version.

  • dear ALLY ,
    how can i download this software
    can u share it with me
    plz try to contact me

  • Hey has anyone heard about Ray Tools Apps? There are a few variations available and I was wondering what anyone thought. They seem great, and you can contact the company MEA Mobile for a free promo code to try one of them out.

  • I use orcad software for simulation. sometimes ps pice. Orcad is the best for me. But for higher connection it is not perfect i think.

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  • The most complete free calculation software is clearly DOCWin by ABB. MT, Protection settings, Coordination with cables, starters, etc. Also you can see i^2t curves and the report is detailed.

  • Good morning,
    And what do you think abour the DOC of ABB?
    In my opinion this forum should be split into two forums, one for free software and other for comercial.

    I whould like to heard some about comercial software like AMTECH,CANECO, ETAP,… a comparison like the incluided in this forum would be ok.


  • I agree that there should be a comparison between free and commercial…
    I have been using Tisoft Electrical Design for a couple of years which is a commercial one (400€).
    It performs various calculations like voltage drop, cable sizing, short circuit, tripping curves, power factor correction and it supports low and medium voltage.
    If you are looking for a software that performs this calculations and has the respective reports for IEC 60364 or BS 7671, I would highly recommend it.

    • Hi,
      About Tisoft Electrical Design, Does it also calculates the size of UPS, Batteries, Generator, Transformer, Switchgear?

    • Hi,
      About Ti-soft Electrical Design, Does it also calculates the size of UPS, Batteries, Generator, Transformer, Switchgear?

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