Operator safety Motor Control Center solutions review (continued…)

Drawer operation behind closed door

In our neswletter n°33 “special edition”, we have shared a preliminary review of the new MCC drawer solutions which can improve operator safety.

Among the feedback, one surprise was that it seems that maintenance operators are less and less qualified, even in critical sites.

 This post is to collect complementary comments after the related debate of the month in our newsletter n°34.



If you have read the debate, you can add a comment to this post:

>> if you DON’T AGREE that maintenance operators are less and less qualified:

>>  just tell us the trend you see in your country / sector

>> if you  AGREE that maintenance operators are less and less qualified:

>> tell us what would be the best solution (additional safety vs overcost) to compensate the loss of competence :

1. remote operation of drawers
2. IP maintained in all drawer positions (even with the drawer extracted from switchboard)
3. closed door operation of drawers (insertion/extraction … done behind the closed drawer door)
4. internal arc resistant
5. thermal measurement of temperature inside the drawer with power live and without risks to access live parts
6. Other


 Thanks in advance for your contribution to the community knowledge sharing !


  • Electrical workers, technical or engineers must be trained on safety, otherwise, always could be a condition to be in an incident or accident or be the victim. There’s no reason for an electrical worker to work without any safety train; it’s a required knowledge to be considered as a qualified worker.

  • Simple: owners must understand the need for qualified staff and pay them higher salaries!

  • If the Switchgear is manufactured according all relevant Standarts, from proven in Heavy Industry manufacturer, with all nessesery interlocks for prevent unproper operations and it’s maintained by stuff with respectivley education, then risks of damage or failure will be minimized. That, of course, is ideal case. In fact things are different in practice. Here in Bulgaria salaries for maintanance stuff are too low, personell is well educated but bad motivated. Additional training or courses in more companies are insufficient or totally missing. My opinion is that companies worldwide MUST invest in personnel. That’s way to prevent incidents and increase safety.

    • Thanks for your helpful feedback.

      What do you think about modern tools of access? (many operators across the world use video through touchpad in order to know how to operate) Do you use this stuff in your country?

  • Simple :) entrepreneurs must comprehend the need for certified team and pay them greater salaries!

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