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What is this "collaborative" newsletter? It's pretty simple, it means that you are going to write it :-))

More seriously, the subject of this newsletter is important and complex, and we didn't want to go the usual way (eg an article from us), for 2 reasons: it is a subject which we find unifying, and a subject on which we lack information. This is why we need your collaboration (a few minutes of your time) to validate, complete, enrich our preliminary review below.

Why a review of new MCC drawer solutions for Operator Safety?

Electrical safety, and in particular the protection of operators against electrical hazards, has for sure improved in the last 15 years, but remains a major topic: even in a country like the US, electrical hazards cause more than 300 deaths and 4,000 injuries in the workplace each year. Electrical contractors , panel builders and electrical maintenance workers whose job duties routinely involves working with live electrical installations are particularly affected by these risks. And among others, Motor Control Center switchboards are a particular point of attention as maintenance operations are more frequent and generally done with the switchboards remaining live.

So, the basis for our today review is an emerging solution of MCC drawers which adds new level of safety for the operators.

MCC Drawer operation

Closed door operation – changing drawer position

So what is this solution?

It is a drawer solution which:

  • makes it possible to do all drawer operations with its door remaining closed (operations like changing between connected, test and disconnected positions, or like thermal monitoring ...),
  • is also internal arc resistant,
  • to ensure that, in case of short-circuit or arc fault inside the drawer, the high temperature gases and pressure generated by the fault remains enclosed inside the drawer or enclosure, thus reducing the risks of injuries for the operator.

    Which manufacturers propose this solution?

    Some manufacturers, as you will see in our preliminary list below, offer this possibility, usually as an option. In most countries, it is still rarely used today, except to our knowledge in Brazil where some local regulation has made it mandatory in some industries like Oil & Gas or Mining.
    Our preliminary list and comparison - to be completed !

    Here is the review we want you to comment and complete, with the information we could collect so far about existing manufacturers and products ranges. And the comparison of these offers based on some criteria we have chosen.
        IAC CDO TM IP IEC 61439-2 Countries
    ABB MNS Yes No Yes ? ? WW
    Eaton Power Xpert Yes Yes ? with dummy drawer Yes WW
    Rockwell Centerline No No ? Yes No WW
    Schneider Okken Yes Yes ? ? Yes WW
    Schneider Blokset Yes Brazil only ? Yes Yes WW
    Siemens Sivacon S8 Yes Yes ? with dummy drawer Yes WW
    Elsteel TM basic No No ? Yes Yes WW
    Eaton Holec Capitole 40 Yes No ? ? Yes Europe
    Larsen&Toubro T-era Yes Yes ? ? Yes India
    Orteng Orteng Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Brazil
    Siemens Siplux Yes Yes Yes ? No Brazil
    Waltech AWC / AWD2 Yes Yes ? Yes No Brazil
    Weg MCC-05 Line Yes Yes Yes ? No Brazil
    others ?              

    IAC - Internal Arc Resistant (IEC/TR 61641 V2)
    CDO - MCC drawer operation behind closed Door
    TM - Thermal Monitoring
    IP - Degree of protection is maintained when the drawer is removed
    WW - Worldwide

    If as ourselves you believe that this solution can really improve operator safety on Motor Control Centers, and if you have one minute to collaborate, click HERE

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