Missed something? Here are April main subjects

In this section you will find some of the information that we have shared in April. In the first part we will raise the debate of the month and your experience with short-circuits. The second part will be a short recall of topics with no answers in the forum and to finish you could discover one of our most active members, Alen Matanovic.

Your experience of short-circuits

Last month we told you about future subjects we plan to cover on our blog asking you to tell the ones you are interested in or would be ready to contribute to. It seems, seeing your feedback that you are mainly interested in the following subjects:

– Short-circuits and their actual effects on people and installation

– Load-shedding

– Earthing schemes and earth leakage protection

We are planning to cover those subjects by providing you attractive content and debates soon.

As you are particularly concerned by shorts circuits, we are wondering if, in your job or daily life, you have ever been faced to a short-circuit that created damages on equipments or that injured someone.

In order to begin a new debate in the community and to share experiences we have opened a new topic in the forum. There we could exchange about our personal experiences, main detected causes of short-circuits (equipment failure, human error…), risks for equipment and people, potential consequences or even possible solutions or tips to avoid short-circuits.

If you have an interesting experience with short-circuits please share it with us on the dedicated forum topic. Don’t hesitate to participate in the debate or to bring your own anecdotes to the community.

Contribute to the forum!

With more than 280 topics and more than 950 posts, our forum is really active and that is because of you! Do not hesitate to post topics, the community is here to help you, to share knowledge and to give advice.
However, some posts that have been written in April have no answer yet. If you have a response to one of those issues, or just a comment to add, please help the posters!

Michal Kalinowski‘s post for example, is about the real utility of smartgrids which still has no response.

You could also help prem prakash who is looking for an electrical project on power system and waiting for your suggestions, Dave who has an issue with his a Grade 12 Science fair project or manh_hoa09 who has posted a topic about the function of Electric heating capacitor.

Our guest amit kulkarni wonders how he could calculate a 3 phase transformer losses and Shah has a quite complicated situation to manage about preparing an estimated cost to renovate a substation.

Thank you for helping!

Focus on a member

So let me introduce Alen Matanovic to you.

Alen has been a member of the electrical engineering community since 2010/05/07 and he has made 18 posts. He is 25 years old, lives in Croatia and is a recent graduate from ETFOS (Faculty of Electrical Engineering Osijek, Croatia). He has got a VI degree of Power Engineering and is still looking for a job in Croatia or somewhere else.

Alen says he visits the website once a week and likes reading all the topics. Unfortunately he has not much time to reply because of his studies. He supports the community forum but would like to see some more experts participating. He thinks many people are just reading threads and not posting anything, he hopes that will be fixed in near future!
Thank you Alen for your contributions!

You would like to be introduced to the community? Do not hesitate to contact us at mailto:engineering@electrical-equipment.org

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