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    I am asked to prepare an estimation cost to renovate a substation. Here is the situation; 

    There are 5 tenants running a restaurant. Each are using up to 300amps and they are using supply from sub 1. Every month, company A which owns sub 1 acts as a middle man to collect monthly electrical bill from all 5 tenants and pays to company B because company B are the main energy provider.

    What i am hoping for is for company B  to install their own meter so they will collect the bills themselves. In order to do so, firstly, company A will have to dismantle their supply cable from all 5 tenants. In order to transfer the kwh meters, I will have to install a new DB in sub2 of company B. Then, i will have to intall CT's instead of kwh meters in sub2 right? Why is CT's required? Do is also need to install a new capacitor bank to handle the load in sub2?

    Does this make sense?

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