how do use electric heating capacitor?

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    The electric heating capacitor is used in steel plant. the frequency about 100 Hz – 10000 Hz.

    I knew that low voltage capactor use for compensate power factor. we can caculate capacity of LV capacitor for each other factory. But I don't know the function of Electric heating capacitor? and how is the caculating and choose heating capacitor?

    plz show me! thank a lot


    By electrical heating capacitor I am guessing you mean the tuning capacitor used in a high frequency induction heater.


    Trying to think back too many years to college, but if I remember the capacitor in an induction heating circuit is used to establish the resonant frequency of the induction heating coil to create as large as possible sinusoidal current.


    If you Google “high frequency induction heating” you should find some explanations of the science.    


    Unfortunately my memory of this is a bit to fuzzy for me to try to go in to the mathematics but you could try looking out for a book entitled “Electronic Circuit Theory & Technology” by John Bird, ISBN 0 7506 5784 7 and look at chapter 43 Magnetically coupled circuits.

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