Missed something? Here are April main subjects

If you’ve missed what happened in the blog of the Electrical Engineering Community in April 2013, here’s a reminder. First of all, we’ve picked 3 of the articles which have been posted through last month. You’re free to read them, give your opinion or even send an article you’ve wrote to the team by mail.

Second, in April 2013 some topics remained without answer on the forum. We’re sure you could help the members to solve their problem.

Finally, we introduced you to daivagyapareek23, one of the members of the community .

Latest articles of April

  1. Generator Ratings (back to basics)
  2. When an Electrical Engineer is in field dealing with generators, then it’s very important for him to know the rating of under process generator otherwise he may cause a great loss.

  3. VAR & Its Applications
  4. This article is a holistic view of the static VAR design along with its pros and cons. What do you think about it? Do you agree?

  5. Circuit Breaker Switching
  6. This article contains information on circuit breaker switching only, but a detailed topic around arc modeling has also been published as a second part.

Contribute to the forum!

In March 2013, you answered a lot of topics on the forum, but in April most of them remained without answer. What happened?

Fortunately, it’s not too late to solve the members’s problems, that’s why we give you the list of topics again.

hawk wawants to know how to design and implement a simulator of a protective grounding system.

shajib needs help to reduce losses in hvdc with using microcontroller for transmission and distribution sector.

Nirav Bhatt still has a practical problem in three phase Induction Motor.

bridget wants to know about DC motor transients simulation in MATLAB.

Christopher wonders if a relay can work with low voltage and current.

Thank you in advance for helping them.

Focus on a member


In April we focused on this student in Electrical Engineering who’s from NIT Agartala in India.

Also, electrical machinery and Power Electronics are the subjects which interest him the most. Finally, daivagyapareek23 visits the community often as it gives him practical knowledge and solutions to very basic problems faced by engineers as well as their alternatives.

If you would like to become a moderator yourself or to write an article for the blog you can send us a mail

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