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    Last month and even in January (as you can see in our January newsletter #40), we started to feed the blog with regular articles postings. For those who have had a busy 2013 year starting, you still can check the very first articles. The topic are various, for instance you can read about Armature reaction in DC Generator, the advantages and disadvantages of Power Factor correction equipment or K-Factor (stability Factor).

    This time, in our Febuary newsletter #41, we’ve selected 3 articles among all the articles which have been published throughout the month. The community reacted a lot, you really should check the feedbacks!

    And also, some topics have no or few answers in the forum, you still can help the members.

    Finally, we’ll introduce you to Bunna Rith, one of our community members.

    Latest articles of February

    1. Year 2050 in terms of Electrical Power (scenario)
    2. Check this long-term vision of electricity in the year 2050. Did you ever think about what electricity would be in the future? Are you optimistic or pessimistic?

    3. Energy efficient lighting : CFL vs LED
    4. Between these two electrical bulbs, which one is the best? This article draw a comparison thanks to several factors like efficiency, durability, cost, environment or versatility.

    5. Deep insight into Power Factor Correction devices
    6. An overview of 4 devices (i.e PFCD, Power Planner II, High Speed Power Factor Correction and Electro Flow) to understand the mechanism better.

    Contribute to the forum!

    As usual, in Febuary 2013, some topics remained without answer. You sure could help the members to solve their problem!

    gomathi.c read an article about Controller Area Network and didn’t understand the part about NRZ (Non-Return-To-Zero) encoding.

    juan j. isdray questions about the use of Supercunductor Fault current limited (SFCL).

    Job Mayo IV faces issues concerning the transient voltage surge suppression sizing.

    saipurushotham asks details about plasma technology.

    crystalwrist needs help to make a comparison list between Terasaki, Schneider, ABB and GE Air Circuit Breakers.

    Thank you in advance for helping them.

    Focus on a member

    This month, let us introduce you Bunna Rith:

    He’s a chief of technical office at Electricity Of Cambodia (Call EDC) and the penalty of reactive energy in many Country is the subject which interest him the most. He often visits the website (once a week) because to him the community has lot of helpful articles to share the experiences of each other.

    However, he also thinks the community counts a lot of student, so that it lacks of interventions coming from experienced engineers.

    If you would like to become a moderator yourself, you can tell us by mail

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