Missed something? Here are June main subjects

First, let us announce that the PowerFacAging calculator is now on-line!
You can use it just right here.

Concerning our last newsletter “special edition”, we have shared a preliminary review of the new MCC drawer solutions which can improve operator safety. We were glad to notice your interest and we received a lot of feedbacks. We summed up all of these feedbacks and we’d like to know if you agree or not.

Then, as usual, we have picked three random topics with no answer in the forum so that you can help the members to solve their issues.

The MCC drawer solutions feedbacks: do you agree?

You have been interested in the review of the new MCC drawer solutions review, and we received a significant number of feedbacks, which confirm that:

    • MCC drawer solutions with high safety level are commonly used in process industries like Oil&Gaz and Mining, and also more and more used in Hospitals, Data Centers…
    • In these critical sites, the solution is generally MCC withdrawable, often in form 4, and with interlocking functions to minimize the risks of arcing when inserting/disconnecting the drawers.
    • It is considered as a safe solution if properly designed, and if maintenance workers are properly trained and have to follow strict working procedures

What surprised us is the feedback which seems to indicate that maintenance operators are less and less qualified, even on critical sites.
Do you agree with that?

> NO

> If YES, according to you, what would be the best solution to compensate the loss of competence?
(Choose only one of these solutions, best compromise for you. They are sorted from the highest to lowest extra-cost)

Thanks in advance for your contribution to the community knowledge sharing!

Contribute to the forum!

Throughout the month of June, some questions have been asked in the forum. Unfortunately, nobody answered. Maybe you’ll be able to help solve them?


Jeet works for SubSea Engineering and is facing some issues with the transformer.

Javed858 has read an article about the use of three phase harmonic filters and would like to know how to calculate the values of R, L and C components.

Freeidea needs help to get a plan for his Project Study Reports.


Thank you in advance for your help.

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  • Throughout the 30 days of July, some concerns have been requested in the community. Unfortunately, nobody responded to. Maybe you will be able to help fix them?

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