Missed something? Here are August main subjects

In August, a debate about the IT earthing system has been launched, if you haven’t participated yet, why don’t  you share your opinion with the other members? In this article we will evoke some forum topics with no answer and introduce a member of the community, Ally Kanyonodo.

IT  earthing system : for or against ?

This subject has been raised in an article published in the community in August, and a debate has begun around the IT earthing system’s strengths and weaknesses. What about you, are you for or against the IT earthing system? Give us your opinion and participate in the discussion.

When you need to choose an earthing system for a particular electrical low voltage installation, the IT earthing system is probably the right option whenever high availability is required. But it also has its detractors, for a number of reasons.
So what is YOUR opinion about the usage of the IT earthing system?

1. Generally FOR the IT system

2. Generally AGAINST the IT system

3. Don’t know enough about the IT system to have an opinion

Contibute to the forum!

This month some members and guests have started topics in the forums, but have not yet received any answers. Maybe you could help them?

Vidhyut S has a question about inrush current in transformer, Avish would like to know what are the various factors affecting cable sizing and Ikram shehzad is wondering how to select an induction motor for a specific mechanical load (inertia).

Kusha02 has two questions, the first one about transformer’s magnetic resistance and the second one is about how to solve equation with Simulink.

Andrewsmith is asking your opinion about a web based energy management system and Sarvesh is wondering what electricity is really .

Thank you for helping them!

Focus on a member

This month let’s focus on another member, Ally Kanyondo. Ally is working as an electrical engineer in Dar es salaam, Tanzania. He is particularly interested in the field of electrical installations design, switchgear and protections. He considers the community to be very good for electrical engineers. In fact he visits it once or twice a day. He participates in the forum because it permits him to  gain a lot of technical knowledge. Ally is a member of the community since November 2011 and has participated 28 times in the forum, he has also started 4 topics. According to him, the forum is good enough, but members should improve on uploading technical questions.

You would like to be introduced to the community? Do not hesitate to contact us at engineering@electrical-equipment.org

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