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    There are many types of circuit breakers(oil,air,SF6,vacuum etc) but all of them do the same functions namely making or breaking a circuit.

    Generally speaking big CBs are classified as Type A or B and capabliities(Ir,Im,Icw,Ics,Icu etc)

    MCCBs as general use current limiting,motor type etc

    MCBs are classified as type B,C,D etc due to tripping characteristics of load(resistive,inductive,motor,fluctuating,welding etc)

    Refer switchgear functions and selection

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    1)Should we disconnect capacitor bank when powered by a generator?.

    2)Can somebody give ratings of capacitors for starting(reducing starting current) induction motors for various sizes of motors(hp/rpm)?.

    3)Can somebody give ratings of capacitors for pfc of individual motors of different hp/rpm


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    BS7671 gives method of applying diversity factors for various types of loads(domestic) and applying factors like ambient temp,grouping factor,enclosed/open etc to select cable. Selection for motor loads should be referred in NEC

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