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    Can You recommend any sofware?


    i want to electrical software any



    Which kind of software you are talking about? Which features do you want? Please specify so that our community members will be able to help you.

    You may want to look at this article published in the blog.

    Thank You!


    i want electrical culculations. eg 15 a circuit  inculudes how many volts or how many ligths.

    Spir Georges GHALI

    neighbor said:

    Can You recommend any sofware?

    Dear Neighbor ;


    If you need a software by which you can calculate any Low Voltage Networke, from my experiance by using many of them, I suggest the software done by ” Schneider Electric ” that called ” Ecodial … ” where there's many version and the very good one in ” Ecodial 3.38 International ”  &  the new version ” Ecodial 4.1 Int “.

    The advatages of this software after calculation are :

    – You will have all values like : Ib for loads, Isc3max, Isc1max, Isc1min, If   at any points of the installation.

    – You will have the average Cos φ1  for all loads before compensation.

    – You can add the capacitors bank, and the software calculate the the needed power for these capacitors to achieve Cos φ2  after compemsation.

    – You have all values of the viltage drop at any points of network.

    – The needed section of cables that should be used for all loads, where the software can calculate also the Thermal Stress of cables.

    – The software can do the choice of Circuit Breakers to realize the ” Discrimination ”  &  ” Cascading “.

    – You will have the values od adjustement for all circuit breakers that should be sone if they are adjustables.

    – The software is able to do the choice for the Contactors, Motor Circuit Breakers, Variable Speed Drives, & the Soft Starters.


    Rem. : The version 3.38 is Free on the Website of Schneider Electric.


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