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    Yes! I too have had similar experiences with more than one panel builder is India. Many a times panel builders have objected to installing space saving devices such as MPCBs. I was told by one panel builder that normally panel builders have huge margins in Sheet Steel, Bus bars & in wiring. But, with devices like MPCBs, Combination Starters, etc. there is no sheet steel, no bus bar (as these come with reday made bus bars) & no wiring. So, they object to these devices. I am not sre how far this is true. But, this came from a panel builder himself.

    Ibitayo Afolabi

    Pls i need a help on how to build a panel for distribution networks ONLY. Pls can anyone link me to any website? Thank you all



    1.) Did you consider to try asking an other constructors. If you want I can give you some alternetives (mainly East-Flanders, others I will need some digging) where you can ask for quotations.

    2.) If you want to switch to pre-wired systems, you also need to consider the extra cost of spares for that system, and the future availability of this type, not all systems are downwards compatible.

    3.) In our company we use mainly the interface modules of Phoenix contacts, which have the advantage that they have special products if you revamp your PLC (Change Siemens S5 to Siemens S7).

    If you have more question, shoot!



    Thanks for explaining the topics by Pictures , and me requesting you that i am a new viewer this foruml so kindly help me in it basics.

    Your houner ,


    Most of the Panel specifications are given by consultants.Consultants are paid fees based on % of the cost.As a result they always make the estimates with top end costly components ,irrespective of their need for the system. It is not right to blame the Panel Builder alone.

    A qualified Panel Builder can give a Techno-economic solution based on his field experience



    We always use the departures of Schneider Tesys type, especially when a + 3 / 4 departures.


    Looks like you are pretty shocked with the work of panel builders.I have the same feelings.


    @guest said:

    @Ciprian : you said that you use bus bar system & mounting accessories…and also TeSys U, how do you choose between all these solutions ?


    @Paulo, Ciprina, Colin, Sch1 : you talk about TeSys U, in which case is it competetive ?


    @all : thank you for your comments !…if you have some pictures to explain more, it should be good ! thanks


    Hi, I am new to this forum. But I see that a lot of you are in a line in which I am interested. I manufacture trapped key interlocks ( complete systems ) for panels fom India. I was the manufacturing base for a leading uk company until recently. In case any of u are interested in sourcing interlocks frm India, please let me know.

    V Sriram


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    Lot’s of opinion,One thing as a panel builder I see there is not compartmentalized .
    We normally think of two aspects.
    1. Cost
    2. Maintenance and replace-ability

    Highly cost sensitive business it is very difficult to use the ready made products from Siemens /Schneider , they also lack certain flexibility


    Can You Adrien hire a panelbuilder for yourself,one that might double as electrical and mechanical maintenance and multipurpouse worker as well?I do all that,plus sugest improovements for energy efficiency,implement solar energy,energy recycling,ocasionally drive trucks,and possiby come up with other improovements.Besides willing to learn whatever and speaking almost 6 languages.

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