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    Special Edition – Happy New Year!

    2012 was a great year for the Electrical Engineering Community:

    • Nb of visits: 431 000
    • Nb of page views: 810 000

    The forum too has continued to grow very fast this year:

    • Nb of topics: 752
    • Nb of posts: 2584

    And projects took some of our time:

    • We have created the PowerFacAging calculator which has been used >2500 times.
    • We have continued to add (whenever we found the time, we are are still lacking reactivity on this one) more and more electrical calculation tools shared by members in the sharing page , for members who are ready to share their own electrical calculations tools.
    • We have created 2 Neswletters “special edition”, one related to Operator safety motor control center solutions review and another dedicated to Electrical Software.

    The most popular and active articles for year 2012

    Here are the most popular articles / topics published on the blog-forum in 2012. We ranked them in terms of traffic (Nb of visits) and also in terms of exchange quality (Nb of comments).

    #1 Shared Electrical Calculation Tools between members
    Electrical Calculation Tools

    The first link is a forum topic which is just used to highlight the existing page where some members of our community are sharing electrical calculation tools they created. It has been viewed more than 20000 times!!!
    The second link brings you directly to this sharing area (more than 7000 visits there).

    The number of comments, in this case, is not relevant.

    #2 Earthing system design

    This article is about the interconnection or not between the earth electrodes meant for equipment earthing and those for lightning protection purposes. It was already a hot topic last year. 8400 visits and 36 comments.

    #3 Operator safety motor control center solutions review

    This forum topic is related to our newsletter n°33 Special Edition with was comparing existing MCC offers on the advanced safety features they provide. The forum topic has been viewed over 6500 times… and the Newsletter was read over 10.000 times !

    #4 Harmonic filter for better power quality

    This article is about Power Quality Optimization with Active Harmonic Filter. It gives you answers to the following question: When is the best value achieved with active harmonic filters?

    5721 visits and 56 comments!

    Thank you!

    We thank you for your participation and contributions to this community, and are as usual fully open to receive your propositions of articles for the blog, suggestions of improvements, willingness to help … just send us a mail to tell us.

    Best wishes,
    Moderator team.


    Nice news..There are lot of people that are interested in Engineering concepts and offcourse Electrical engineers are rocking the world.

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