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    Here are the main subjects discussed in June in the community.  In this month’s article you will find  the results of a survey we had made in November 2010, about electrical calculation software. After that there is a short recall of topics with no answers in the forum, and to finish a focus on a member: Spir Georges Ghali.

    Your use of electrical calculation software: results of the survey

    In November 2010, we asked you if you were using an electrical calculation software. This debate has been very active, more than 500 of you have answered!

    So here are the results:

    As you can see, 30% of respondents use their own tool more often than softwares like Ecodial, Caneco, XL-Pro or Simaris design … Meaning that 30% people have made the effort to create and maintain their own tool, by themselves, and cannot take benefit from others experiences and ideas.

    Today, we propose to you to share the tools that you have developed. But to make it a fair exchange, only the people who have shared their own tool would gain access to other people’s tools.

    If you have already developed your own electrical calculation tool and if you want to share it with others, send us a mail with your tool attached (if needed with a few explanations), and we will create the private sharing area, place your tool in it, and send you your exclusive access codes as a sharing member so you can access the tools from others!

    If you are interested in such debates and their results, we highly recommend you to subscribe to our blog’s Newsletter as only registered users will get access to such results in the future. To register to the newsletter, type-in your email address in the top-right dedicated box of the blog homepage.

    Contribute to the forum!

    This month in the forum, a few posts have stayed without answers. Maybe you are the one who has the solution?

    For example, Mohsan islam wants to know about the method to convert a square wave into a sinusoidal and also about adapted filters, and sheeja has a question about electrical design standard for  laying cables.

    If you have knowledge in load calculation details, maybe you would help latafat junaid?

    Whiskeysausage needs a solution to design a specific thermostat that keeps a silicone heater at 39C for 15minutes.

    Nagaraju has asked three questions in two different posts and has had no answer : he would like to know the difference between welding transformer and welding rectifier and also wants to know how to calculate the power rating in welding machines, and his last question is about synchronization.

    Thank you for helping!

    Focus on a member

    This month we want to present to you  Spir Georges GHALI, a recent but very active member of our community : he has currently made 71 posts since his registration in march 2011!

    Spir Georges has studied in Syria, at Aleppo in the University of Electrical Engineering. He is now an Electrical Engineer Consultant, still in Aleppo. Spir Georges Ghali’s speciality is Calculation of LV networks. As a consultant he has his own Electrical Engineering Office and does studies for Industrial & Commercial sites. At the same time, he is also the Technical Support & Training manager for Hager Co. in some Arab countries and works for Schneider Syria preparing and conducting pure technical seminars for engineers in his country.

    He thinks it’s a very good idea to share the knowledge and exchange information between engineers around the world. Normally, once he has time he visits the Website and tries to reply to topics.

    You would like to be introduced to the community? Do not hesitate to contact us at engineering@electrical-equipment.org

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