Electrical building design software

example of design in CAD

example of design in CAD

Design Master Electrical is an electrical building design software that runs in CAD software. It integrates the drafting and calculations necessary for an electrical design.

Calculations available in the software include:

  • Panel feeder sizing
  • Fault current, including utility and motor faults
  • Voltage drop
  • Branch circuit breaker sizing
  • Branch circuit wire sizing
  • Outdoor point-by-point photometrics
  • Egress photometrics

Drafting features in the software include:

  • Lighting and power plans
  • One-line riser diagrams
  • Schedules for equipment, receptacles, and light fixtures
  • Automatic loop and homerun insertion
  • Automatic tick marks
  • 3D-BIM coordination compatible with Revit and NavisWorks


A free 30-day trial is available : www.designmaster.biz
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