Electrical Solar Installation: safety measurements


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Like in all other electrical equipment installation we need to be careful as well in the Installation of Solar power plant.

It is really very important to take all possible safety measurement during installation of solar power plant because in solar installation system mostly we are directly exposed to 1000V dc, which is really very dangerous because an electric shock of 1000V can take your life within the seconds.

This article will let you know where you need to be more careful about Electrical Hazards in every solar Installation.

Electrical Hazards

You will face many electrical hazards which can harm you easily if you wouldn’t take safety measurements. First step is to identify possible hazards present on the site. Here are the five electrical Hazards listed below which you will face during the Installation of solar power plants.

  • Overhead lines
  • Extension Chord
  • Improper Installation
  • Wet conditions
  • Working on live Distribution box

Overhead lines

In solar system installation mostly you have to work on the rooftop of buildings and its very common in remote areas that you will see overhead lines very near to your site. These overhead lines can cause you harm without any contact with these wires, any distance less than 10 feet can cause Arcing in this scenario.

So you need to eliminate this hazard and in any case if you can’t eliminate then you have to make sure that the risk of occurring accident must be minimized upto a maximum level e.g. if you can change the area of the installation of panels on rooftop than this hazard will be eliminated automatically.
But in any case if you cannot change the area than you have to do the following things mark area, make limited access, train your workers about overhead lines and designate a manager to observe working on the site.

Extension Cords

Extension Cords are the most common equipment used in the installation of solar power plant. It is mostly used to connect drill machines so that drilling can be done but it also creates hazard and can be a cause of death as well if the wire of your extension lead is damaged, naked, have joints and do not have proper insulation.

solar installation extension cords

You need to take some Precautions while using extension cords. Firstly, you have to check the wires must be in good condition and the cord must have a breaker and grounding point installed in it. Secondly, you have to wear safety gloves so that you can be protected from any electrical shock.

Improper Installation

It can also be the reason of one of the most major causes of accidents occur due to electricity, because improper Installation and wiring will leave some loose points and exposed wires which can be the cause of accidents for not only the installer but also for the other users.

solar installation improper installation

So in this scenario we have to make this sure that each and every connection should be done properly and tagged as well, so a person should have the knowledge of danger present.

Working on live Distribution Box

Working on live distribution box is the most favorite habits of Electricians. Avoiding any type of accident while installing Distribution Box for solar. Firstly, you have to make sure that the system must be dead from back side.

Avoid wearing any kind of chain, rings and wrist watches during this work. Then you have to use LOTO once the Distribution box is installed so that no unauthorized person can open the box without your permission.

solar installation live distribution box

Wet Conditions

For the maximum efficiency of solar installation system you must need to clean your solar panels on regular basis. Any loose connection or wire of solar module can cause you damage. So the best time for cleaning is early morning before sun rises or in the evening after the sunset.

In both cases you solar panels voltages are zero or very low and another benefit is that your energy production will not be affected.


We can avoid accidents and can work in safer environment if proper Risk assessment and measurements can be taken. First, always try to eliminate hazard if possible and then try to minimize hazards and its cause.

The Most important thing is to use your PPE’s which will save you from being harmed. Train your workers and only skillful workers should allow to do work of their related skills. Always have a first aid box with you so that minor injuries can be taken on time.


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