IEC 61439 : frequently asked questions

Coming back to the new IEC 61439 standard :
simple answers to the 3 most frequently asked questions … 

1) What are the differences between the new and the former standard?

Basic points:
– Acknowledgement of the “Assembly systems” manufactured by an “original manufacturer” and put at the disposal of final “Assembly manufacturers”.
– Confirmation and clarification of a number of safety or reliability requirements.

2) Which part corresponds to panels?

IEC 61439-2 is specific to “Power switchgear and controlgear Assemblies”; i.e. power switchboards; it is based on the IEC 61439-1 general rules.

3) Are IEC 61439-1 and -2 already applicable in Europe?

Not yet. We have to wait for the publication of the national European standards (NF EN 61439-1 & -2, BS EN 61439-1 & -2, DIN EN 614339-1 & -2…) possibly by the end of 2009.

NOTE : In fact, the deadline is still unknown because a European amendment might be necessary to allow EN 61439-1 and -2 to be listed as harmonised standards under the EMC Directive.


  • Dear Sir, I needed some clarifications between definitions of Type tested assemblies and partially type tested assemblies. What exactly is their definitions and what is the difference between them. i have a doubt. if i have to do type test on my panels, whether type testing should be done along with the switchgear or only with enclosure with busbar. is it ok if do only short-circuit, temperature rise and IP test.

  • At load, panel heat dissipation is not proper and CTs are not of good quality (Alfa-make) & mounted properly.
    what is the reason behind this ? and Have any solution for the same issue. please let me know
    Also suggest the CTs make having good quality.

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