How to improve the visibility of your panel builder website?

Have you already heard about SEO or Search Engine Optimization? It’s really one of the best free ways to improve the visibility of your website.

In fact most of people use search engines to find what they need on internet. The aim of this internet marketing strategy is to enhance the chances your website has to appear among the first results, when a user will search for words you have chosen. To reach this objective, you have two things to take into account…

First, you have to know that search engines don’t care about videos, pictures, graphics, sounds… the only thing they see to evaluate and index your site is text.

To be visible you need to have enough text, but be careful: text included in picture files can’t be read by search engines crawlers. For example Flash animations are very attractive but they are difficult to read, or most of the time completely invisible, to the crawlers. To check if your text is visible or not by search engines crawler, you can look at the source code of your website and verify that it’s in HTML format. That’s why you have to resist to the trend of fancy website design.

Secondly, as far as I know it’s good to have text but it’s not enough to enhance the visibility of your website: you need keywords and it’s probably the most important thing to take into account.

Everything begins with a great brainstorming involving people in relation with your customers and why not, customers themselves. You have to find out which words best describe you activity and are liable to be searched by users on search engines. Sometimes the words you can use in your daily work are not the same used by customers: ask yourself “What is the information needed by my users and how are they handling to find it?”
When you have your list of keywords, you can use online tools such as Google Adwords to find if they are relevant. These kinds of tools can show you the amount of time a word is searched on engine and the competition level between website on this word. The best is to find a word very often searched with very little competition.

When you have completed these steps, you have to place your keywords accurately in your website.

Search engines crawlers check your website from the top to the bottom of each page. The words which fully describe your activity and the topic of your website have to be placed in the title. Moreover information at the top of the page is always the most visible. Crawlers will also look at how many times the word is appearing on the site, so you have to repeat your keywords as often as you can. But be reasonable, you can be penalized if you repeat a word several hundred of time! As we say: leave well alone!

Finally, I can tell you some other way to be visible on internet:

Create a network : don’t hesitate to post comments on forum, blogs…with the link to your website to incite people to visit your site
Be updated : add regularly fresh contents such as news to renew your site and make it living and active
Provide a site map : it’s useful to facilitate the navigation of the users and it could be used too by the search engines crawlers
Paid search: it’s a non-free way to be visible. You bid for your keywords on search engine with the aim of making your add appear when a user will search for these keywords. You will pay for each click made on your add and the number of clicks will influence the rank of appearance of your add.


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  • Following on from earlier posts and looking at the needs of this blog site posts we have launched a portal aimed specifically at panel builders etc. Our new site has the following content;
    – b2b directory to enable people find a business in any specific area
    – manufacturers news
    – manufacturers price lists
    – CAD/CAE drawing downloads
    – Manufacturers catalogues/brochures/data sheets

    We will also be adding links to all training providers, jobs sites and much more.

    We are also building a library of videos for panel builders to show off there offer to site visitors.

    Please make comments on what other elements you would like to find on an industry portal such as ours.

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