Electrical Transformer Specialist – Career Story

Howdy! This week we received a testimony in our mailbox. It was signed “G.” and it is about this mysterious sender’s career as an american electrical transformer specialist. Hmm, interesting!

Check what he has to say below…

“As an electrical transformer specialist for a major gas company in the U.S, I have a critical role to play.
But before I move on to the job details, I will give you a little brief of my educational skills, so that you can get an idea as to what background is necessary to better perform in the role of an electrical transformer specialist.

Educational Background

Electrical Transformer Specialist1

Initially, I studied AS in Electromechanical Engineering from Bristol Community College and then went on to complete my BS in Electrical Engineering Technology from Roger Williams University.

I then later completed Masters in Management from Lesley College.

Working Experience

I have worked around 4 years as a fire control assistant in the US Navy before I moved on to the active Naval Reserve as senior fire controller, where I worked for seven years. This experience in the Naval Services helped me in gaining sound knowledge of how electromechanical systems actually work. My tenure with the Naval Services also helped me gain partial scholarships to complete my AS and BS degrees (thanks to the GI Bill).

After working for almost eleven years in the Naval Services, I got an opportunity to work with one of the largest public utility companies in the Northeast, as an electrical transformer analyst. After working as an analyst for four years with the company, I was promoted as an electrical transformer specialist.

Job Responsibilities

  • As an electrical transformer specialist, I am responsible for managing the supply chain as well as handling the purchases of various electrical transformers and its components such as capacitors, coils, cooling fans, etc.

  • Electrical Transformer Specialist2

  • I need to understand the technical specifications of the utility site and suggest suitable transformers for optimum performance in that particular sub-station.

  • Transformers can be very costly and can range from $1200 to $50000. If you are suggesting a high performance transformer for a site that only needs medium capacity, you are blocking the inventory capital. So as a site supervisor and transformer specialist, I need to check different recommendations made by site engineers and decide whether a particular transformer or capacitor is a good match for the existing and future demands of that site

  • I will also have to keep in mind the future needs of the project, site expansion or even productivity enhancement, while making crucial decision. Since, I am vested with all the electrical equipment purchasing powers; I should ensure that the company’s electrical inventory as well as the allocated budget is in control.

  • I should also keep in touch with the warehouse department on a constant basis to see if proper replacements of crucial transformer components and spare parts are readily available.

  • I will also have to conduct meetings with vendors as and when required if proper equipment is not supplied or the specifications of the transformers do not meet our specifications. These meetings are also helpful to detail the vendors whenever any custom made transformers or capacitors are needed for special purposes.

Job Challenges

Electrical Transformer Specialist3

First, I will always have to make sure that there are enough transformers available in the warehouse just in case of an emergency and I will have to do this without exceeding the budget allocated for that purpose.

This means, I should not order more inventory than required. This is a challenge as you have to continuously monitor the stock, as well keep an eye on the budget.

Also, I will have to maintain good relationships with the vendors in the U.S as well as overseas to get stock delivered on time.
Communication plays an important role here, as sometimes a company may require more stock than what was previously ordered. Good relationship with vendors and clients can always help in such crunch situations.

Qualification and Requirements

  • Degree Level: You should hold an AS or a BS degree.

  • Degree Field: Electrical Engineering or Electromechanical Engineering.

  • Work Experience: After completion of your AS or BS, you must gain at least four years of experience to seek license or promotions.

  • General Skills Required: Should be excellent in using Business Objects, a business software package, which includes Access and Excel. Should be proficient in math, especially, algebra.

  • Communication and Management Skills: You should possess excellent people skills as well as great communication skills.


Just being sound at technical aspects alone doesn’t serve you well as an electrical transformer specialist. You also need to be well versed in people skills as well as management skills. Good working relationships with your colleagues, vendors and clients can help you reach great heights as an electrical transformer specialist.

Hope this information will be of help to the aspiring electrical transformer analysts and specialists.

I wish you all the best,

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