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Laurent M, moderator


  • i am doing a resaerch work on transmission system reliability of one of our transmission stations in Nigeria. could any one recommend related resources that could be of help?

    • you should place your question in the forum directly, as a new topic in the General discussion section
      you will need to register to start a new topic with your question, or react to existing topics
      Laurent M, moderator

  • hello, i m doing the thesis about the optimal load shedding including outage values of customers…..
    but i m confusing here that which is the best optimization tools for the …. the…optimal power flow….
    please recommend me the name of book or send e book at my id…
    for theoptimization tools…….

  • i am currently doing bachelor of telecom engineering second year first semester.i have aproblem with the papers real analysis in mathematics and physical electronics.any help.thank in advance

  • Hello,

    I´m new here and I´m interested in the shared electrical calculation tools.
    How to access them? There are an username and a password requested. How and where to register for this?
    Thank you in advance.

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