January 2010: call for donors

Our high visibility on the Web is rapidly increasing: our blog received 150,000 visits in 2009 and we are aiming at 300,000 for 2010!

In 2010, many changes lie in store for us:

1. We are going to open up this blog to any interested donors. Our objective is to use the donations obtained to develop its audience and assist with support. In exchange, for those who so wish, we are proposing to allow each donor to place his logo (and Web link) on the blog. You yourself decide how much you wish to donate…

2. The aim is more than ever the technical quality of the articles and exchanges in the field of electrical equipment, electrical installation and energy management: today’s experiences and tomorrow’s solutions…

3. A team is being set up to moderate this blog: it will consist of Martine, François, Stéphane, Jean-Paul and Laurent.

Have an excellent year!
The Electrical Engineering blog moderator team

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  • I wish to congratulate this Electrical Engineering site with facts not government/consultant propaganda.
    I am please to see details on harmonics and power factor.
    NZ study of 200 homes shows we have very bad harmonic and power factor at site. If we can have a system that is on line at every home which will correct this problem and benefit everyone or we will continue to pay for the wasted in energy and create inductive system load for the Utility.
    This will or may change with new smart metering as each site can be monitored for kvar, and harmonics I am hoping.
    We in NZ do not really have a real/true sustainable and energy policy.
    Europe has a policy of reducing energy use of 20% by 20/20.
    We should have offered a grid connected PV instead the Transpower 400kV new line. Upgrade of over 70year old line would have been a better option plus a HVDC line. China has just completed with ABB a new HVDC line.
    Please outline in home and industry all the items of electrical equipment that causes all our power problems.
    Keep up the good work.

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