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Let's start the return from the summer holidays with a focus on our members's "Career stories".

Some of you kindly share their experience in the electrical engineering field and provide great essays and advices.

Check 3 of the career stories published in the blog:

1. Electrical project engineer positions (career story)

2. Experiences in Electrical Power Installations (career story)

3. Electrical Transformer Specialist - Public utility company

If you would like to publish an article in the blog just tell us by mail. You can even post directly on the forum!

You can write about whatever you want (debate, tutorial, product review, your observations, your opinion as an engineer or student, etc.).

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This month let us introduce you one of our community members: D.Ros

  • A Process Control & Automation Engineer at Industrial Project Solutions, Inc.
  • From Texas, USA.
  • Industrial electrical installations, process control and automation, power conversion and distribution are the subjects that particularly interest him.
  • Thinks that nowadays more than having strong concepts, solid skills or sound experience, the exponentially growing and constantly shifting field of engineering pleads for a new approach towards developing integral and cross-disciplined solutions.
  • To his opinion, only by sharing and supporting each other, more than being fellow engineers, as human beings, the Electrical Engineering Community will be able to drive its world to a better tomorrow. That is why he believes in building an engineering community is so important and interesting.

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    Medium voltage DC configuration and control

    The distribution is the final stage of carrying electricity from the transmission system to consumers. The distribution substations are connected with transmission lines and the voltage reduced to medium voltage through the transmission systems

    What if we focus on DC medium voltage stage which ranging between 2KV and 35KV?

    Did this back to basics kind of review help?

    Power system: mid and long term stability

    If the power system exposures great or long lasting disturbances because of power flow, frequency or voltage deviations those disturbances are called severe upsets.

    The mid and long-term stability are deeply related to the response of the system to those severe upsets. How can they help in maintaining the system stable?

    What observations or remarks do you have? Leave your impressions, post a comment.

    Batteries: which are the best? (comparison)

    In todays modern aircrafts nickel cadmium and lithium ion cells are often in use.

    The old type of lead-acid batteries in commercial use.

    Matching diagrams of capacity and other characteristics ; which batteries are the best? And why?

    Do you agree with Milan's comparison of batteries?


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