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Last time, we focused on the articles published on the category "Panel building". Now let's focus on Electrical Distribution.

Since the opening of the blog and forum, this category is the one with the highest number of articles. Check the 3 last articles:

1. Electrical generator protection

2. Secondary power distribution

3. Does the UPS push the generators out of scene?

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This month let us introduce you one of our community members: Yasser

  • An electrical engineer.
  • From Egypt.
  • Interested in all electrical engineering subject and Business related subjects from it.
  • Thinks that we can learn a lot in the Electrical Engineering Community, even if unfortunately this field doesn't develop very fast with compare to electronics.
  • To his opinion, what seems to be lacking in the Electrical Engineering Community is creativity.

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    Why a preventive maintenance plan of Circuit breakers is a good idea?

    As we all understand and acknowledge, circuit breakers do have a very critical role to play. We simply cannot rely upon degrading, faulty or erratic breakers as their one-time failure could lead us to destructive outcomes.

    Why the Preventive Maintenance of CBs is a good idea?

    What's your experience in maintenance of circuit breakers? Can you relate? Share your impressions in the article comments section.

    The Do's and Don'ts of writing an electrical load list

    Among the list of Electrical Design documents, Electrical load list is primarily the most important document. The load list, also known as the load schedule, is defined as a document that calculates an approximation of active, reactive and apparent power of instantaneous electrical loads that are being used in a project.

    What are the dos and don'ts of preparing a load list that could work? Check our checklist in this article.

    How can fuses replace CBs in 3-phase systems? (back to basics)

    As only few milliamperes can kill a human in a part of second, safety always is the big concern for electrical engineers and protection systems designing gets much more attention.

    Usually the word protection in electrical engineers' glossary is associated with Circuit Breakers (CBs) and Fuses. Let's see how today's technology makes it applicable to use fuses instead of CBs to protect a multi-phase system which is no longer an advantage of CBs over fuses.

    Did this back to basics article helped? Tell us in the comments area!


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