2010 articles that you have missed

Here are the less popular articles published in 2010 that we believe you might have really missed : Nb of visits / article is less or around 1000 but their interest is more than you think ...

  • articles related to Energy Efficiency & Intelligent building

  • Pushing the idea of Facility Managers web community to exchange best practices and benchmark data to optimize energy efficiency in Buildings;

    An opinion that Intelligent buildings should have the right compromise between automatic systems on one side, involvment and autonomy of the occupants on the other side. And an interesting practical solution to involve occupants = offer them the possibility to tailor their own dashboard very easily

  • an interesting questioning = why spring terminals aren't more often used for electrical connections, when they could avoid a number of bad connections which may lead to over-heating (up to fire) ?

  • concerns and questions about photovoltaic reliability

  • usage of GPS synchronization for power systems requiring high reliability, in order to record the Sequence of Events with one-millisecond precision to aid diagnostics and troubleshooting

  • last articles of the power harmonics saga :
  • Basics about power harmonics
    How to achieve “harmonic mitigation”


    A saga about high voltage fuses versus circuit-breakers, which has raised an intensive debate about advantages and drawbacks of both solutions, good practices, trends ....

  • high voltage fuse: it's rubbish!
  • high voltage fuse: it's good if properly used!
  • high voltage: circuit-breaker is the best!
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  • Electric car charging station project
  • note on generator transformer sizing
  • motion activated electric fence and smoke activated emergency guide
  • PMS (Power Management System)
  • Shake Flashlight
  • electricity consumption
  • motor rating
  • ac servo motor
  • LED Street light wiring diagram
  • Current definition
  • Severe Saturation of Low-Ratio CTs
  • using of CDG11 RELAY
  • Suppression method of power line
  • Circuits diagram for protection of single motors
  • Vectro diagram
  • HT panel
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