Here are the most popular articles published on the blog in 2010.

We ranked them in terms of traffic (Nb of visits) and also in terms of exchange quality (Nb of comments).

Earthing system design
This article is about the interconnection or not between the earth electrodes meant for equipment earthing and those for lightning protection purposes. 6500 visits and 17 comments.

Parallel transformers benefits
This article is about the benefits of utilization and operation of MV/LV parallel transformers in electrical distribution. It was already among the top articles last year, and has been read 6000 times this year and now has 48 very interesting comments.

Software for electrical installation
A presentation of 4 quick & simple software useful for any electrical installation calculation such as voltage drop, size motor, power factor correction, display protection device curve, check protection device coordination. 5700 visits in 2010 and 72 comments (the record!) in total.

Photovoltaic systems using micro inverter ?
This article is about a photovoltaic solution where you install one micro inverter per Photovoltaic module, to avoid production losses when your system is impacted by shadows of trees, dust, chimneys, other buildings... 3500 visits and 12 comments.


Here are the most popular forum topics = the ones that had highest number of visits until now.

Best electrical calculation software review
5280 views, 18 posts

difference between earthing and grounding?
4300 views, 6 posts

KW Calculation
4080 views, 11 posts

Lightning & Surge protection
3700 views, 30 posts

The Electrical Engineering Community is giving you, as a present, the "best of 2010"

We selected on the left the most popular and active articles on the blog and forum topics, for year 2010.

To conclude the year 2010, we give you some information about the Electrical Engineering Community evolutions and animation.
As you can see below, our community has grown and expanded very fast in 2010: twice more visits, creation of the forum in April and already 2850 members today, 5000 subscriptions to the Newsletter ...


  • Nb of visits: 330 000
  • Nb of page views: 770 000
  • Nb of subscriptions to the Newsletter: 4800

On the blog:

  • Nb of articles: 76
  • Nb of contributors: 23

On the forum (started in April)::

  • Nb of topics: 138
  • Nb of posts: 512
  • Nb of moderators: 6 (4 recent ones, we thank you for joining us)

We thank you for your participation and contributions to this community, and are as usual fully open to receive your propositions of articles for the blog, suggestions of improvements, willingness to help by becoming a Moderator yourself ... just send us a mail to tell us

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