Missed something? Here are May main subjects

For all of those who have missed the updates of the Electrical Engineering Community in May 2013, here’re the main news. As usual, we’ve chose some of the articles which have been published. Discover them, read, send your observations or even your own article/review/tutorial to the team by mail.

Then, in May 2013, five topics remained without answers on the forum. We know you can help to solve the problem.

Thirdly, we focused on one of the community member, Irfan Ullah.

Latest articles of May 2013

  1. Faults in Electrical Systems (back to basics)
  2. We all are familiar and encountered at least once the phenomenon of fault occurrence in electrical system. Through this article we tried to examine this phenomenon in little more detail.

  3. Buck Booster Transformer
  4. One of the forum members said that “the demand for buck boost transformers are increasing day by day”, do you agree with him?

  5. ANN (Artificial Neural Networks) Based Power System Restoration
  6. ANN stands for Artificial Neural Network and is based on the lines of the human brain and so is its performance when dealing with problems. Did this article draw your interest?

Contribute to the forum!

In May 2013, most of topics on the forum remained without answer whil we know you are able to help the members. Here’s the list of the topics.

Srivijayan needs to know how to design a voltage stabilizer and what are the criterias to be considered.

chandni.batra69 asks how to make a remote control for digital electric meter.

htoolinaung has a problem with the Hyundai Magnetic Connector (U-Series); the magnetic connectors coil burn in timing switching.

gopi wants to know how to prepare and make basic heat energy to electrical energy.

dattatray deshmukh wonders how a high voltage transformer rectifier is designed and used for electrostatic precipitator.

Thank you in advance for helping them.

Focus on a member

Irfan Ullah:

In May we instroduced you to this on this power plant operator from Bangladesh in India.

You’ve learned that excitation of the AC generator is the subject which interest him the most and Irfan Ullah told he visits the website quite often because he has learned a lot through the community.

Yet he thinks online data is what’s missing in the community.

If you would like to become a moderator yourself or to write an article for the blog you can send us a mail

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  • These are great resources for DIY projects and people in the industry. Finding electrical faults is particularly interesting as my father-in-law just blew out an outlet while putting in his air conditioners during the heat wave.

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