Missed something? Here are March main subjects

Welcome to our new monthly section!

Here you will find all the main subjects mentioned into our community during some last weeks, and which you might have missed. This section will be divided in three parts: a short reminder of the debate of the month, some news about the forum and the topics with no answers, and a focus on a member. So let’s begin with this first issue!

Want to participate? Make this community yours!

This community is also yours, it’s a place to debate and an area to share the skills. To make it livelier we need you to participate, to suggest topics or to give advice. The more interactive this community is, the more interesting it becomes for all of us.
Here is a list of subjects we are planning to cover in coming articles on our blog, please click on those which spark your interest:

If you are interested or would like to contribute to one of these subjects, just add a comment such as “I’m interested by the subject xxxxx”. You can also suggest other topics.

Contribute to the forum!

Some forum topics have no answer yet! Could you just take a look at them and maybe try to answer? The person asking may become the one to answer YOUR questions in the future!

Could you, for example, take 5 minutes to help JEXZOY who wants to know examples of problems in autotransformers, 3-phase transformers and parallel transformers,  or give advice about training in industry to Ruchita who is a young electrical engineering student.

Do you know how to maintain correct power factor for battery charging unit factory? So why don’t you explain it to vijayakumar!

Some guests have posted topics and still have no answer such as Joys, radix, karam_2010 and NatS with his fridge battery issue or nadia and her question about simulation on digital power protection. Does somebody have a solution?

Thank you for trying to help them, and remember, they may help you next time!

Focus on a member

You, members, are the ones who drive this community. Most of you are involved in the forum debates and we think this is essential. So, in order to emphasise your participation and to permit you to know each other better, we’ve decided, once a month, to focus on an active community member.

Let me talk to you about electricalexpert65 who is a 46 years old Indian training manager from Coonoor in Tamil Nadu. He works in a leading Switchgear Manufacturing Organization, has 22 years of field experience and 6 years of training experience. electricalexpert65 visits the website as frequently as he can, at least once a week. He says he finds on our community an invaluable knowledge and updating.

Thank you electricalexpert65 and all of you members for participating and sharing your knowledge with the community!

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