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This month we will ask you a new question, following last month one about LV fuses.  Your answers will help us to have a better global vision and to complete our understanding of the subject. Then we will evoke some topics with no answer in the forum and finally we will introduce a Lebanese member of our community named Smorkos.

Applications where Variable Speed Drive is the preferred solution for motor control?


Last month, we asked you in which applications usage of LV fuses is almost mandatory because LV circuit-breakers are technically not well adapted to the requirements.
You have been 41% to answer: “protection of speed drives”

To have a more complete understanding, our complementary question this month is:

What are the main applications where Variable Speed Drive is the preferred solution for motor control?

-Material handling

Thanks in advance for your contribution to the community knowledge sharing!


Contribute to the forum!

Some questions posed in March in the forum have no response yet. Maybe you can look at the following to help their authors solving their issues.

Victor has a question about KVA and KW in load bank test.

Abhilash Singh would like to know how to adjust the rollers of a compression machine in production area.

Hamdullah wonders how to find current in a simple ac circuit?

Dishant needs help to design a harmonic filter.

Buhari is a student that maybe you could help with his project of designing a ‘DC-DC converter of an electric bicycle with regenerative braking system’.

Thank you for helping them!


Focus on a member

This month, we will introduce you one of our members, Smorkos.

He Lives in Beirut (Lebanon) where he is Head of Department at Debbas Industries since June 1997. This company designs, manufactures and sells low voltage panel-boards, control panels & medium voltage switchgears for the whole MEP projects inside and outside Lebanon.

He is particularly interested in low voltage panel-boards & motor control centers and all other subjects in Electrical design. He estimates that our community is very interesting, and he finds sometimes useful information. He says he visits the Electrical Engineering blog and forum each time he receives a new e-mail from the community. He likes to participate to the forum discussions because it talks about business he is interested in. Smorkos has been member of the electrical engineering community since august 2010 and he has participated 4 times in the forum.

Would you like to be introduced to the community? Do not hesitate to contact us at engineering@electrical-equipment.org


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