Missed something? Here are July main subjects

What has happened this month in our community? New articles on the blog, topics discussed in the forum and focus on a member of the electrical engineering community: here you will find all you  might have missed in July!

A very innovative building and an interesting reflection about electricity consumption

This month, two articles have been posted in the blog. The first one was about the Elithis Tower in Dijon, France.  The purpose of Elithis Ingénierie to build this 5000m² office tower is to reduce as far as possible its overall energy consumption. The goal is achieved, taking into account the tower’s photovoltaic power production, 560m² of panels on the roof, the building has an overall consumption of 0kWh/m²/year for heating, cooling, ventilation, and lighting! Such a great innovation!

The second article we have published in July deals with electricity consumption of control panel components. In fact this subject is taken more and more seriously by manufacturers and contractors because of the potential savings it could imply. R&D teams are also working hard on it for many reasons, one of them is that in 2019, the future buildings in European Union will have to be “zero energy”.

If you have responses or questions about one of these articles you can make a comment on the blog or even participate in the debate in the forum, it is very interesting to exchange our points of views about these subjects.

Contribute to the forum!

Each month, some topics in the forum stay without answers. Here you will find some of them, please help their authors if you can, it just takes a few minutes and it can really help other members! And they could be the ones that  answer one of your questions  next time!

Mahaboob Basha Qures would like to calculate the equation of the relation of turbine-synchronous generator system but doesn’t know how he could do it and SALEEM has a question about synchronization of generators.

If you know things about advantages and disadvantages of reactive power it could interest ritesh giri .

In his topic, nael.samman has exposed you to 2 synchronized ups units feeding one load dilemma. Will you be the one that finds the solution?

SHANKAR would like that  someone could tell him what is the  meaning oftype-2 co-ordination chart”

Nadeem is looking for some data about harmonics produced by different equipments and Luana’s question is about  geyser connected to electrical distribution board and electrical certificates

How to control electrical instruments through switches and remote? This is what Adnan khan asks you!

Thank you for helping them!

Focus on a member

This month, we will focus on one of our members, ikram shehzad who is from Pakistan. Ikram Shehzad has been a member of our community since  a few months but he has already made 12 posts and begun 7 discussions in the forum.  He has a diploma of associate engineer in electrical technology and works in Abu Dhabi UAE. He says he visits the community to find as much knowledge as possible about his field.

You would like to be introduced to the community? Do not hesitate to contact us at engineering@electrical-equipment.org


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