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This month we will ask you a question about LV fuses and the applications where you consider they are mandatory. We will also talk about the new version of our forum and evoke some topics with no answer. Moreover, we always look for members that would like to be introduced to the community in the last part of this monthly article, if you are interested, do not hesitate to contact our team!

In which applications LV fuses are mandatory?

This month, we need your help as we try to understand better what are the applications where LV fuses are much more adapted than LV circuit-breakers because CBs are technically not fully adapted to the requirements.

Please select in the list below the applications where you consider LV fuses as almost mandatory because LV circuit-breaker are not technically well adapted:

1. Protection of speed drives

2. Protection against short-circuit when CB characteristics are too short (Voltage >=500V, High Icc level)
3.Protection of capacitor banks
4. Protection in DC applications (UPS, PV inverters…)

If you’re thinking about other applications, please tell us the applications where fuses are technically more adapted than CB, in a comment to this forum topic

Thanks in advance for your contribution to the community knowledge sharing!







Contribute to the forum!

In recent months some topics haven’t had any answer in the forum, maybe you could help their authors?

Jatin333 wonders about parameters for selection of induction motor.

Dishant has to design a harmonic filter and needs your help!

Victor has a question about kva and kw in load bank test and Kaushal about deciding the ampere in a cable.

Rafi201 would like to reduce power and diesel consumption in its cement industry.

Saleem needs your ideas to synchronize five generators.

New version of our forum

As you will or already have discovered, we have updated the forum add-on we are using. It also means that the look&feel has also been changed:

-The search is more visible (don’t hesitate to use the Advanced search)

-The rules have changed: it is now mandatory to log-in to ask a question or post a reply
If you have comments or suggestions related to this evolution, you can tell us back in this forum topic.

Moreover, we would like to reorganize the forum, maybe using subsections. If you have any ideas for groups or sections that we could create, you can participate to the debate in this topic.

Focus on a member

We still think that knowing each other better can be an advantage for this community, it permits to create a strongest link between us, to enrich the discussions and to improve the knowledge shared. If you want to be introduced in our next article, contact us at engineering@electrical-equipment.org .


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