Missed something? Here are August main subjects

Last month you may have been in holidays or busy and missed some things like the article about energy efficiency. You still can read “Measure the consumption, first step of energy performance”.

Moreover, in our June newsletter #34, we’ve asked your opinion about the PowerFacAging calculator. In august, we’ve shared the feedbacks with you. As a short reminder, PowerFacAging is a calculator we have developed, to estimate the ROI of Capacitor banks, and also to show and calculate the energy cost savings that are being lost today in many electrical installations, due to capacitors aging and lack of proper maintenance.

Otherwise, five topics have no answers in the forum, it’s not too late to help the members. And to finish, we’ll introduce you to adnan saad, one of our forum members.

PowerFacAging calculator – Feedbacks

The calculator has been put online since June 26th 2012, it has been an active topic as we already got more than 1200 users.

Thanks to this active involvement from our community, we have already been able to draw one main conclusion:

40% of users are surprised by the impact of capacitors aging on cost savings, which highlights the importance of a proper maintenance of capacitor banks to be sure they brings the right level of expected savings on energy costs.

If you want to use the calculator too, click here to start using it!

If you want to share your opinion about the PowerFacAging, you can :

Thanks in advance for your contribution to the community knowledge sharing!


Contribute to the forum!

In august, some of our forum members asked questions but no one answered yet. Maybe you could help them.


Rikesh is facing some issues with the transformer of his electric reclining sofa.

BERNARD needs a guide for a skill test sample questions on facilities engineering.

jatin333 wants to know how to find the earth fault location in long cable.

TRIPURARI wonders what’s the difference between voltage source and current source.

Tushar Thettayil wants to know how to find the earth fault location in long cable.

Thank you in advance for helping them.


Focus on a member

This month, let us introduce you adnan saad:

He’s a Production Manager from Lebanon and industrial and automation chain is the subject which interest him particularly. Furthermore, he’s part of the community to gain as much knowledge and to permit to refresh and grow their information.

If you would like to become a moderator yourself, you can tell us by mail

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