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In our last two newsletters, we told you about our new project: the PowerFacAging, a tool focused on energy savings. Unfortunately, this PFC calculator didn’t seem to raise your interest. That’s the reason why last month’s debate was about your opinion on its usefulness. Another point: if you’ve been too busy last month to hang around the forum, don’t panic! We selected 4 topics with no answers (yet!).

PowerFacAging Calculator project: why no interest?

Let’s be direct: our team is very disappointed, because it seems that very few of you are interested by our PowerFacAging calculator project: remember, in our last 2 newsletters we told about this idea to develop a Power Factor calculation tool focused on the Energy savings obtained when installing capacitor banks.

 So our debate in April Newsletter was:

Why did our Power Factor Correction calculator arouse no interest for you? Or are you interested?

> NOT interested because there is no power factor correction in your installation

> NOT interested because Energy savings is not in your job scope

> You ARE interested with the next steps

> Other

 Thanks in advance for your contribution to the community knowledge sharing!


Contribute to the forum!

In April, some members asked questions in the forum, yet nobody answered. If you’re able to answer, maybe you could help them solving their issues?


Andery needs to know how to size a 0.4kV cable to install in the ground.

Kavigopaul is searching for general information about symmetrical components.

Ihsan would like to know what is the possible replacement of section IEC60364-7-707.

Soor.ya has a strange problem with glowing LEDs while charging her mobile.


Thank you in advance for your help.

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