Electrical Installation Guide 2018 – FREE Download NOW

Electrical Installation Guide 2018 – FREE Download NOW

Do you often work on low voltage electrical installations? Are you part of electrical engineering projects as a consultant, designer, contractor, panel builder or facility manager? Then keeping up with the IEC standards might be an everyday struggle for you all.

Well, please do you a favor and click here to DOWNLOAD the Electrical Installation Guide FOR FREE (brand new 2018 edition).

This very useful guide is currently available NOW and for FREE while the regular price is 60 euros. Don’t miss it!

2 Reasons why you should get the Electrical Installation Guide (2018 edition)

First, the EIG is a great practical guide written by an experienced team of professionals from Schneider Electric. These experts accepted to share everything they know about complying with evolving standards and technologies while working on electrical installations. You’ll find precious information however if you work for industrial, commercial or domestic electrical projects.

Of course, the Electrical Installation Guide covers every important topic related to electrical installation; from MV/LV substations to voltage drop, from electrical safety to power factor correction, from electrical design to cable sizing, from electrical calculations to earthing schemes, from circuit breakers to electrical protection, from overvoltage protection to harmonics and more.

The second reason why you should download this document is obvious. Again, keeping up with every IEC standards and technical evolutions is very complicated. The last EIG guide was published in 2016 and a lot of things have changed since then!

To put it in a nutshell, the Electrical Installation Guide is a reference work every professional should get ASAP. It will definitely help you even if you’re a student or teacher.

2 Major updated contents you need to read in the 2018 edition

    1. Brand new content about Photovoltaic for self-consumptionSolar technology is getting bigger and bigger around the world and you can find more and more photovoltaic systems installed on top of buildings to try and reach the “zero energy” target.

      Many of you wonder how to design, install or operate these photovoltaic systems, especially in the new typical installation trend where PV systems (or other local production sources) are exclusively used for self-consumption.   Fortunately, Schneider Electric experts who wrote the 2018 edition of the Electrical Installation Guide heard your concerns and worked on a detailed content to help you.

  1. New and updated contents on RCDs, AFDDs and measurementHow to protect electrical installations from electric shocks and electrical fires? The professional from Schneider Electric added up-to-date information about residual current devices (RDCs) and arc fault detection devices (AFDDs), and enhanced the whole content as well.

Along with these 2 new major features, you’ll find great information about LV Switchgear function and selection, Energy Efficiency in electrical distribution, Sizing and protection of conductors, Overvoltage protection, Internal arc withstand tests, LED lamps for public lighting and also Measurement standards updates. No to mention the new look&feel, improved illustrations, internationalized content and more!

The 2018 Electrical Installation Guide is definitely a must-have. And thanks to our blog, you can exceptionally get it for FREE! All you need to do is to click on the button below to DOWNLOAD the EIG 2018 RIGHT NOW and FOR FREE.
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