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    3D Lightning from 3D Design Band


    What feature/functionality would you like to see added to 3D Lightning?


    We wanted to take this opportunity to get some feedback from our user community. We would like to add further functionality in future updates. What features would you like to see added the most?

    Please don't be shy. If there is a particular issue that you're experiencing within the product, please drop me a private message and I'll see what we can do to address those concerns.

    Thanks for reading and happy posting!

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    3D Lightning


    The free software for 3D design of direct stroke lightning protection.



    This program uses the RSM and class of LPS in order to compute and

    visualize protected area. This helps to identify the efficiency of

    air-termination components. For the present, the program applies to rods

    (single, double and multiple rods). The earth’s surface considered as ground

    plane on zero level. The striking distances to the ground, and to the rod are

    the same.

    Nevertheless, it allows for complete design cycle:

    – to create a model of rod

    – to create any feasible LPS, positioning the air-termination components

    – to change location and parameters of components

    – to visualize three-dimensional protected area

    – to cut part of protected area above a given level. (Equipment is taken as

    protected, if it is nowhere protrudes from this area)

    – to change a class of LPS

    – to generate a horizontal section in a given level

    – to obtain all the parameter values from protected area

    One of the great advantages of the software is the interactive design process

    (all design, arrangement, calculation, and visualization processes proceed in

    parallel (e. g. after placing the additional rod, you can see its adequate

    protected area immediately). You will be able to complete sophisticated design

    projects following minimal training.

    This application enfolds Autodesk® AutoCAD® working environment with

    supplementary set of advanced design tools.


    Download: [Link removed by moderator team]

    Video: [Link removed by moderator team]


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