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Spir Georges GHALI

Dear Mr. Steven ;


First, thanks for this Topic that explain the basic info about the using the Capacitors in Electric Networks.


By the way, I want to mention to the following points:

1- According to “ IEC 60027-1 ” the unit of Reactive Power should be written by small letters “ var  or  kvar ” and not “ VAR  or  kVAR ”.

2- I mentioned many time before, the Capacitors in any electric networks are Loads that consume Reactive Power with Leading Power Factor, but the inductive loads consume Reactive Power with Lagging Power Factor, and the results of those 2 reactive powers are the Vector summing, so, it seems that the capacitors compensate the reactive power of inductive loads.

3- The using of Capacitors to improve the PF does not affect the Active Current’s Load, but in reality, the Apparent Power needed for that load will be decreased after compensation, so, the available apparent power in the source will be increased.