Re: Software

Spir Georges GHALI

neighbor said:

Can You recommend any sofware?

Dear Neighbor ;


If you need a software by which you can calculate any Low Voltage Networke, from my experiance by using many of them, I suggest the software done by ” Schneider Electric ” that called ” Ecodial … ” where there's many version and the very good one in ” Ecodial 3.38 International ”  &  the new version ” Ecodial 4.1 Int “.

The advatages of this software after calculation are :

– You will have all values like : Ib for loads, Isc3max, Isc1max, Isc1min, If   at any points of the installation.

– You will have the average Cos φ1  for all loads before compensation.

– You can add the capacitors bank, and the software calculate the the needed power for these capacitors to achieve Cos φ2  after compemsation.

– You have all values of the viltage drop at any points of network.

– The needed section of cables that should be used for all loads, where the software can calculate also the Thermal Stress of cables.

– The software can do the choice of Circuit Breakers to realize the ” Discrimination ”  &  ” Cascading “.

– You will have the values od adjustement for all circuit breakers that should be sone if they are adjustables.

– The software is able to do the choice for the Contactors, Motor Circuit Breakers, Variable Speed Drives, & the Soft Starters.


Rem. : The version 3.38 is Free on the Website of Schneider Electric.