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Spir Georges GHALI

mkomaravelly said:


We have got a requirement from customer side, more over its in Agricultural Area. Customer is preferring 3 Phase 10kVA Rating Transformer for the above mentioned hp.

Instead of 10kVA, we wanted to supply him 16kVA for other issues.


So,please reply me.

Thank You.

Dear ;


Refer to your answer, please note that the procedure to define the Power of transformer is as follow :

– The motor's power in ” kW ” is : 7.5 ( HP ) x 0742 = 5.5 kW

– The needed power assuming that ” Cos φ = 0.85 ” = 5.5 / 0.85 ≈ 6.5 kVA ( if the Cos φ is different, please re-do the calculation )

So, 10 kVA if suitable with around 50% plus than the needed power, but certainly with the standard percentages of ” Drop Voltage “.