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Spir Georges GHALI

jatin333 said:

how tansformers are paralleled and why?

Dear Mr. Jatin ;


Certainly, there ia a lot of advantages that were been explained before, we use this solution for exp. if a factory hase 1 transformer 1000 kVA that's suitable for the loads, and there's a new extention where the total of loads needs more than 1000 kVA, we have 2 solution, chang the actual transformer or add another one in parallel where the conditions were been mentioned before. But the most important point to know that after the installation of the 2nd transformer, the maximum short circuit current on the basbar will be doubled, that means we should re-view the value of the breaking capacities of installed circuit breakers if are suitable to the new valur of short circuit cureent or not, if not the circuit breakers should be changed.