Re: LED lights vs T5 and T8


Darragh Rogan said:

A quick way to do this would be to build a simulation room in Dialux, and light it first with the photometric data for T5 or T8 luminaries, and then LED.

You would need to try to eliminate differences in the light fittings affecting your exercise to find differences in the light source – I would suggest using a similar light fitting that is adapted to use both T5 & LED – you should be able to find a batten type T5 no problem – and there are LED batten’s out there….

The Dialux report will be able to predict circuit energy consumption, illumination (and uniformity of same), UGR for your beam angle but it won’t be able to help with lifetime, harmonic distortion, or one of the more noticeable differences between T5 & LED: light colour (kelvin) and Colour Rendering Index (and how linear the CRi line is…)


Is this any help to you?


what is dialux?im a practical student major in power so i never learn anything about this before. and also what is UGR?