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1. the existing meters only give me a global information

what kind of global information is it? by kwh for electrical? liter for fuel? m3 for air? etc?

2. to MAKE my information more detailed and reliable

the easiest part and part that i know is for electrical, install a meter that can monitor your system with a communication to a computer/simple software to compile the data

3. FIND ways to analyze my consumption to see if there is space for reduction

point number 2 will help you analyze

4. whether they are normal?

in hotel engineering, if i’m not mistaken, correct me if i’m wrong, you will have benchmark obtain from any other hotel engineer, for example: 

Large Hotel : > 150 Rooms

< 165 kWh/m2 per year

< 600 Ltr/Guest staying over night 

Medium Hotel : 50 – 150 Rooms

< 70 kWh/m2 per year

< 440 Ltr/Guest staying over night 

Small Hotel : 4 – 50 Rooms

< 60 kWh/ m2 per year

< 330 Ltr/Guest staying over night  

Again if I’m not mistaken, in hotel, the energy usage is a bit different, not only compared the electrical use, but also between the meter square, and the number of guest. you can use low energy at the time only small guest, but it doesnt mean you have save anything. vice versa, in holiday season, your electrical use will increase, but it doesnt mean your system is bad as well. 

5. And in this new era of energy savings, could we share our personal experiences, before calling in the specialists (like installers, energy savings consultants …)

you can started by benchmarking your month to month usage comparation, usually in winter you can cut cost for air cond, but also increase some heater cost, you can maintain by reducing temperature degree, some research show if you could reduce air cond usage of 1 degree, you can save few kwh, which human cannot feel the different to those 1 degree change.