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    JP Tornby

    I am the manager of a 50 rooms hotel, and recently I started to measure, manually, my consumption of electricity, gas and water.
    I make monthly meter readings that I put in a xls sheet, and I watch the evolution of my consumption.
    What I would like to do now, is first to MAKE my information more detailed and reliable: the existing meters only give me a global information (total consumptions of the kitchen + laundry room + … without distinction) and even include the common areas (car park).
    And secondly to FIND ways to analyze my consumption to see if there is space for reduction, or whether they are normal.
    Can someone help me define the minimum solution to set-up, without committing to large investment? Tell me what would be the estimated budget?
    And in this new era of energy savings, could we share our personal experiences, before calling in the specialists (like installers, energy savings consultants …)?



       You can try electricity saving circuits which to an extent help to reduce the electricity usage and thus to reduce electricity bills. You can google ‘electricity saving circuits’ and you will find the information regarding products, the price details, etc.




    The first thing you should take into account is that the typical distribution of energy consumptions in service sector buildings is more or less like this: 30% lighting, 30% heating, 30% air conditioning. Obviously, this depends on the place where the building is located (for example: in some places the air conditioning system or the hetaing system or even both will not exist). So, you should focus your analysis in these areas, so the savings you get are significant. Anyway, my advise is that you contract an energy savings consultant who could make a complete energy audit in your building.


    1. the existing meters only give me a global information

    what kind of global information is it? by kwh for electrical? liter for fuel? m3 for air? etc?

    2. to MAKE my information more detailed and reliable

    the easiest part and part that i know is for electrical, install a meter that can monitor your system with a communication to a computer/simple software to compile the data

    3. FIND ways to analyze my consumption to see if there is space for reduction

    point number 2 will help you analyze

    4. whether they are normal?

    in hotel engineering, if i’m not mistaken, correct me if i’m wrong, you will have benchmark obtain from any other hotel engineer, for example: 

    Large Hotel : > 150 Rooms

    < 165 kWh/m2 per year

    < 600 Ltr/Guest staying over night 

    Medium Hotel : 50 – 150 Rooms

    < 70 kWh/m2 per year

    < 440 Ltr/Guest staying over night 

    Small Hotel : 4 – 50 Rooms

    < 60 kWh/ m2 per year

    < 330 Ltr/Guest staying over night  

    Again if I’m not mistaken, in hotel, the energy usage is a bit different, not only compared the electrical use, but also between the meter square, and the number of guest. you can use low energy at the time only small guest, but it doesnt mean you have save anything. vice versa, in holiday season, your electrical use will increase, but it doesnt mean your system is bad as well. 

    5. And in this new era of energy savings, could we share our personal experiences, before calling in the specialists (like installers, energy savings consultants …)

    you can started by benchmarking your month to month usage comparation, usually in winter you can cut cost for air cond, but also increase some heater cost, you can maintain by reducing temperature degree, some research show if you could reduce air cond usage of 1 degree, you can save few kwh, which human cannot feel the different to those 1 degree change.


    very nice

    Alen Matanovic

    Like others said,, there's few areas where you could get potential savings..

    Most significant are:

    Heating / Ventilation / Air Conditioning (HVAC system)


    and Probably Water Consumption (in hotels)


    Here's the breakdown from '99. (but it didn't changed significantly):


    Since I can not instruct you about your gas or oil consumption, I can only say something about electric savings..

    You can possibly achieve savings in Lighting and HVAC system..

    About lighting, I hope I don't need to say that there are various solutions, I mean, that there are various diferent types of lightings that can assure You signifficant savings as opposed to Simple old lighting fixtures that have low power factor (PF). Important thing here is to mention that even though New  fixtures can provide good PF, they can still make You, allthough, different type of problem.. Now,, You should not be that affraid,, it's about harmonic distortion that can (and probably will) occur, but solving that issue is still cheaper  comparing to consumption with old lighting systems and possible Utillity penaltys for low PF.. Other important thing on topic is wheter You'r buildings electrical installation is old enough that it was build with reduced neutral that can give You more problems when using new lighting that is electronical nonlinear device wich after all and cause this harmonic distortion..

    About HVAC, only significant way of reducing of electrical energy consumption is using of Adjustable Speed Drives  that will run HVAC pumps and fans.. other savings here are not electrical related..


    Conclusion here is,, consulting specialists for specific problem,, or providing us with more details on topic (electrical)..


    P.S. I apologize for my english, I'm no native speaker ;)..

    Regards,, Alen..


    In any hotel, there are so many ways to save on utility expenses.

    1. Lights in the parking / Garden / Pathway area. You can opt for Solar Lights for these areas. We design and supply them.

    2. You can install a CHP unit which will greatly reduce your consumption of oil and gas. How this works:

    You install our CHP Plant. The Boiler can be fired by oil or gas. The boiler produces steam. Steam runs the generator through a turbine. The steam exhaust is sent to heat the space or heat normal utility water.

    3. To know the capacity of power generation, tabulate the bill of last 12 months and we will know the peak requirement.

    4. Send to mizun(at)ymail dotcom all the information you have on your utility consumption for us to study and revert back.

    Best wishes,

    Mizun Group

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