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I have read your comments on Harmonic Fillters. I am really impressed on your knowledge about power conditioning.We are facing one problem regarding harmonics. We have various ratings of induction motors at our water pumping stations in NASIK, INDIA. The motors are 440V ratings from 3HP to 300HP at almost all sites. At 2 sites, we have 3.3KV 430HP and 1000HP motors. We are using conventional DOL , Star delta and Auto transformer starters. The Electricity board has sent us notice that at some sites, near the metering point , the supply checked is distorted and THD found from 10 to 25%. We are not using any types of drives, we do not have UPS, Inverter, Rectifiers or any type of electronic switching devices. How can harmonics be created by our load? Is it possible? We are maintaining power factor unity at all our sites. Is it possible that at some point if power factor goes leading, harmonics are generated? Will leading power factor create harmonics? Is it possible that harmonics are entering from electricity board line? Please explain current / voltage harmonics.