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Hi Jim,
I have something different to ask you about please. I recently discovered that it is possible to take 3 phases 400 Volts AC 50 hz and with the help of a choke and a capacitor, make it a 3 phase balanced supply to a 2 phase 400 Volts induction furnace. But I know very little about it and wish to understand this better. Can you help? We have 12 furnaces on 2 phases and the power is very unbalanced all the time. The furnaces are being switched by thyristors at present from a PID configured Eurotherm 3204 temperature controller putting out 4 to 20mA to a phase angle card driving a back to back thyristor pack in one leg of the 2 phase supply.
I also wish to understand how switching it with IGBT drivers will work and if it is better, since I have been advised to change the thyristor control to IGBT. Can you help me with advice here also please?