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hello jim…

im an electrical eng student…
i’m studyingthe cause of the overheating of equipment at a factory in the philippines.
Do we just divide the total current capacity of the LVSG by 2 to determine the model of the AFH to be installed… can u explain why.

Current THD = Phase A = 972.5 x 26.9% = 261.60 Amperes
Phase B = 1051.3 x 25.1% = 263.87 Amperes
Phase C = 1001.2 x 26.2% = 262.31 Amperes

Minimum Required AHF Capacity = Max. Current THD = 264 Amperes
Recommended AHF Capacity = 300 Amperes

Recommended Total AHF Capacity for LVSG1A = 600 Amperes

Sir can you tell me why the recommended total capacity is 600 A…

Can you give me a good reference how active harmonic filters work… I cant understand how AHF produce the opposite needed current… where does the current came from. From other source? Is it better than a passive filter?

I need help from people who are knowledgeable in this topic.. help me. Thanks

I have more data… just tell me if the above is insufficient.