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Hi Jim,

I love the way you explain things im learning alot just by reading your blog. I have a question on Power quality optimization as a tool to Energy efficiency perhaps you can help. I come from a non electrical engineering background but have an electrical hardware shop and some familiarity with electrical engineering, i’m considering changing my entire business to providing Energy efficiency technologies in Kenya. LEDs, CFLs, Geyser control systems, light automation systems, Solar, electricity monitoring are easy enough to understand…what i’m having a problem with is 3 specific Power quality improvement technologies; whether they work as said, what are their disadvantages and what else i should know about them. Most of the Engineers ive consulted seem to have limited experience with these technologies perhaps you may have encountered them. They are…Voltage Optimization (PowerPerfector UK), Capacitor type eg. KVAR US, Wave propelling chip ie. (Sunglobalsaver) The manufacturers talk about several benefits including Actual KVA reduction 15%, Power factor improvement, Harmonics reduction, Surge protection, less equipment wear & tear. My question is….Do they work as said? are there any disadvantages to using them that the manufacturer doesnt state? What else should i know about them? would you recommend them?