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Jim said:

WOW!!! Thank you for your very kind words.

The knowledge expressed here is the result of 39 years of work in the power electronic field. First with AC and DC motor speed controls and then ative harmonic filters. But I have to say a lot of other people have teught me much over the years. Without competent engineers to discuss issues with there would be much confusion and poor assumptions.

Please, do send others to this site. I hope everyone that comes and learns passes it on to another.

Thank you and Regards,


hi jim

i am eagerly waiting for ur reply!

wull i want to know one thing that i am choosing my final year project
on design an fabrication of power factor improvement pannel, well after
reading these all topics i am confused that , in this pannel which is
basically for industries, should i use harmonic filters also or not? and
one important thing what change can i bring in my project?

regards umer